Good Looking Stripes In Single Crochet Spirals

I recently posted about making jogless stripes in half double crochet. Now I have the same for single crochet.

When you work in spirals, like when you make amigurumi, any stripes you make never line up. Because you are not joining your rounds, you don’t have a visible seam, but you have offset stripes. You trade one “evil” for another.

I’ve now finished editing my newest video so you can now work without a seam, and have clean color changes that line up much better than with the old method. Check out the video below to see it in action. Lefties click here.

Left Hand Single Crochet in the Back Loop Only

New video posted today. Left hand single crochet in the back loop only. See the right hand version here.

South Paw Wannabe

I’ve always had a secret desire to be left-handed. I remember being a young child in school and envious of my classmates who got to raise their hand when the teacher asked for the left-handed in order to place them on the left side of the double desks.

upside-down-backwards wrist move in action

Maybe I wanted to be left-handed because after the left-handed kids were placed, I always seemed to get one of the leftover left side of the desk and inevitably had to knock elbows with my other right handed deskmate. Or it was the extra special way they wrote with the upside-down-backwards wrist move. The left handed kids always seemed to be the artistic ones too. So I think my desire to draw well (or even good) trickled down into the illusion of being left-handed. I think I mostly just wanted to be different.

When I was bored in class I would practice writing my notes with my left hand, my scribble scrabble illegible and useless later on.  I’m not too bad at it now, I got lots of practice in college during those long boring 3-hour lectures. It came in handy when my kids were babies and my dominant hand was busy holding them and I needed the shopping list written up, but I would never call myself ambidextrous. I feel like it would be an insult to real left -handed people. I even feel guilty when I put out my left hand crochet tutorials, because all I’ve done is use movie magic to mirror my original video. However, if I can help just one south paw who is trying to learn this art I will be happy that I took the time and risk at offending anyone.

I’m sure a left handed crocheter would be a better instructor than me, but I feel like right handed crochet teachers all have such different methods of holding yarn and hook that mirroring my method could be a legitimate way a left handed person would crochet.

I’ve yet to receive a comment from a left hand crocheter, so I keep churning the videos out in the hopes they are helping. If you are left handed I would love to hear from you. You can tell me if they are realistic for the way you hold your hook. Also if they are helpful and you’ve seen my other videos and can’t wait for one of them to be made left hand, you can let me know and I’ll get it converted right away.

With all that said, I’ve just added a new video (Left Hand Single Crochet Into the Middle of the Row) which you can check out below or head to it’s real page here.