I Almost Totally Forgot!

I’ve had my motif of the month planned out since last month, but I guess in all that preparedness I forgot to actually put it up.

Until now.

It may be last minute, but I can still say, “Here is the newest Motif of the Month.”

Looks like a starfish to me.
Looks like a starfish to me.

I’m calling it a Starfish Granny, because it’s reminds me of a starfish, yet works up like a granny square. Of course this is more of a pentagon, but you get the idea.

Click here to download the pattern and watch the video tutorial that includes how to join yarn with a standing double crochet.

If you’re saying, “What is a standing double crochet?” you should definitely check out the video just for that. It’s a great join that adds another strand of yarn without slip stitches and chains.

Lefties click here.

For Your Summer Pleasure

Here is the latest Free Pattern Workshop. This was a viewer request; she wanted a fun and beachy themed Starfish Washcloth. If you have any requests be sure to contact me and see if I can make it up for you and everyone else.

Using about 60 yards of 100% cotton, you can make one of these up in a couple of hours. You can download the pattern here.

If you are left handed here is your version of the video.