You Get A Free Cowl ~ You Get A Free Cowl ~ Everyone Gets A Free Cooooowwwwlllll!!!

The High Fidelity Cowl is not from the 8 One Skein Cowl ebook I’m converting into free patterns. It is a part of the paid to free project I told you previously about.

It is, instead, a part of the paid to free project I told you previously about.

Either way, it’s free!

This cowl is fun because you can really customize it by making the stripes in any color you like.

Download the pattern and watch the free video here.

Lefties click here.

New Crochet Kits at

Time To Stock Up

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I’ve been waiting for a sale like this. I’m going to be stocking up on all the knitting classes I’ve been watching. I think I might try some cooking classes too.

Are you yearning to learn anything new? Check out what Craftsy has to offer here.

February’s Motif ~ A Happy Little Rainbow

February 2016: Happy Little Rainbow Motif
February 2016: Happy Little Rainbow Motif

This motif reminded me of a little rainbow. It’s can be made into whatever size you want. Watch the video tutorial to see how.

Click here for video and pattern download.

Lefties click here.

Learn Some New Crochet Stitches With This New Series

Crunch Washcloth
Crunch Washcloth

I’m starting a new series of Free Pattern Workshops. This washcloth series is going to teach you some new ways to use basic crochet stitches to make cool textures and stitch patterns.

The first washcloth is made with a stitch usually called the “Crunch Stitch”. It’s a simple one row repeat, but creates a really cool look.

You can check out the pattern and video tutorial here.

Lefties click here.

Viewer Request Video

I also have a new viewer request video. It’s pretty specific, but those are usually the ones that are the most needed when you lease expect it. This video will show you how to decrease FPSC (front post single crochet) and BPSC (back post single crochet ) when working in the round.

You can check it out here.

Lefties click here.

Do You Roku?

Totally Free Craft Channel
Totally Free Craft Channel

If you do, you can watch all of my video tutorials from the comfort of your living room, bedroom, bathroom (Hey, I’m not judging) wherever you have a TV and a Roku player set up.

I’ve been waiting for my buddies at CraftSmart to get all the videos uploaded before I announced it here, and now it is done. Now you can follow along with any video on your Roku enabled TV. Plus CraftSmart has tons of other free craft tutorials on a variety of topics.

Wait, what’s Roku?

Little box of fun!
Little box of fun!

I had no idea what a Roku did before I was asked to join CraftSmart. I knew I could watch Netflix and Hulu on my TV with it, but that was about it.

It is so much more though.

Roku allows you not only to watch your Netflix, Hulu and Amazon streaming videos, but it also hosts tons of channels. Some are free, like PBS Kids that we frequently watch in this house, to paid, like workout channels where you can order up some yoga classes.

I find I’m more on my Roku now than not. You can checkout their website for a list of all the channel they offer (over 1000).

Anyone else have a Roku? What do you think about it? Let us know below and be sure to check out the CraftSmart channel (and it’s sister channel iFood.TV).

Good Looking Stripes In Single Crochet Spirals

I recently posted about making jogless stripes in half double crochet. Now I have the same for single crochet.

When you work in spirals, like when you make amigurumi, any stripes you make never line up. Because you are not joining your rounds, you don’t have a visible seam, but you have offset stripes. You trade one “evil” for another.

I’ve now finished editing my newest video so you can now work without a seam, and have clean color changes that line up much better than with the old method. Check out the video below to see it in action. Lefties click here.

Video Requests

If you watch my video tutorials regularly, you have probably heard me say that this video is a “viewer request”.

I get emails all the time for specific videos and I don’t want anyone to think I’ve forgotten about them or wonder when their video will be posted so I have started a cue.

You’ll see it on the right hand column of the blog for all current requested videos. I work on them when I work on the videos I already have planned, so they aren’t always going to show up before one that isn’t in the cue, but I do try to get to them as quickly as possible.

Here is the current list so if you are interested in a topic you can keep an eye out (or follow the blog and get notified when it’s posted).

1. Jogless Color Changes in Half Double Crochet and Single Crochet
2. Intarsia Crochet Tutorial
3. Joining Triangle Motifs to make a blanket.
4. Straight Seam in Double Crochet not using CH 3 as beginning.

If you have a request, be sure to leave it in the comments below or contact me. I’ll add it to the cue and get to work on it.

Countdown is on.

17 days to be exact.

Okay everyone, I’ve got less than 3 weeks left to move. In the mean time I’ll be adding a few things here and there (at least one new pattern, maybe more). However, for the most part, I’m packing up my yarn and goodies so new videos will be few and far between.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up so you didn’t think I was checking out.  I will still be here to answer questions and I’m coming up with some good stuff to add once I get all settled in. New free pattern videos, new patterns for the colder months coming and some great ideas for crochet related uses for ordinary objects around your house. I will also be adding the next installment for those interested in self-publishing.

If you don’t want to be out of the loop, start following the blog now and get notified when the new things are added.