Fabulend Vintage Awesomeness

Love the Brady Bunch Vibe!
Love the Brady Bunch Vibe!

I think yarn companies need to have a retro label comeback. Like when you see the Count Chocula and Boo Berry cereal boxes at Halloween time. These fabulous labels would make fun nostalgic gifts. I might have to keep a look out on eBay to try to find one (nothing at this time).

If you have one laying around, I would love to see a close up picture of the label. My facebook page is a great way to send me pictures of that or any project you want to share.

Vintage Awesomeness 80’s Edition

I would've been so jealous of the bangs.
I would’ve been so jealous of the bangs.

I love old crochet patterns. Not necessarily for the pattern itself, but more for the look back at the era the photo for the pattern was taken in.

This “awesome” photo is from an 80’s edition of Crochet Fantasy.

Being a kid of the 80s I can’t help but relive the days with this photo. The sponged graphic lines of the artwork in the thin gold frame behind the model. Her hand on the black lacquered furniture that was probably purchased at Levitz (bonus points for leaving their slogan in the comments.) The bold earrings and the hair that is most likely in a banana clip. The best part of all is of course the quintessential 80’s feathered bangs.

I had puny bangs and could never get the heights achieved here, so I’m very jealous. I just love this picture. Did I miss anything that stands out to you in the picture of being “totally” 80s. Let me know below, or share your own favorite 80’s trend.

Cute Vintage Ad

Cute Play on Words
Cute Play on Words

These two gals seem to have been mascots for Wintuk and Sayelle back in the day. I have found a couple of ads featuring them (I’ll share more later).

I thought the play on words was very cute, not to mention the actual “skein gals” as I will call them. Enjoy!

For When My Son is a Teenager

I will learn to knit a sweater just for this reason.
I will learn to knit a sweater just for this reason.

This is another vintage awesomeness I came across in my old magazines.

I’m keeping this picture around for when my son is a teenager.

I will threaten him with this picture.

I will tell him that if he ever does drugs, bullies someone, sneaks out of the house, etc… I will make these and he will be forced to wear it with me in a public place, and maybe even head to the nearest Sears for some pictures (if the offense was bad enough).

Though the pattern was not titled “Revenge Sweater” I’m thinking that could only be the possible reason for making your son wear the same exact feminine rib knit turtleneck sweater you would.

Unless in the 70s this was a popular trend.

Anyone remember back then if this happened often? Let us know below.

Vintage Male Models

wintuk ad
One thing I love more than crochet pants — Vintage male models!

I don’t know why, but every time I see any of these vintage ads with a male model in them, it makes me smile.

It could be the fact that most times, the sweater they are modeling would probably look better on a woman?

Or it could be the serious expression of yarn lust they are clearly wearing?

But, I think the real reason is that they are just so purely 70s from the shag hair to the orange color hazed photo filter.

I always wonder if the orange color is from age, or was everything just that color?

Interesting Fact: DuPont (see their little logo in the bottom right hand corner of the picture) created the first acrylic fibers in 1941 and trademarked them under the name Orlon (Dupont website). They have since moved on to producing Kevlar fabric and sold it’s fiber business to Koch Industries (Dupont).

Hot Pants Indeed!


How could hot pants be made hotter you ask?

Well add a trench coat and pantyhose up to your bra and you’re ready for summer.

Wait… that doesn’t seem right.

They weren’t trying to be literal about the pants being hot were they?

Either way I love me some crocheted pants. They are good for a smile any day.

Moving Sale!!

I’m PCSing soon. That’s military speak for moving, and for any military family out there you know that you have a weight limit on what the government will move for you. Because of this, I’m getting rid of all my extra weight, and a lot of it is magazines — crochet magazines to be exact. I’ve amassed a huge collection of current and vintage mags that I need to sadly part with; however, this is great news for anyone visiting this site in the next couple of weeks. If you head over to my ebay page, you can score on huge deals. Everything is starting at 99 cents, I’ve already got some stuff listed that is ending tonight and some more is being listed as we speak.

I’ve got fairly current (last 3 years) issues of Interweave Crochet listed now and here are some pics of the great deals being added today. Get them now before someone else does!

Vintage Awesomeness Lot 1
Vintage Awesomeness Lot 1
Vintage Awesomeness Lot 2
Vintage Awesomeness Lot 2
Vintage Awesomeness Lot 3
Vintage Awesomeness Lot 3
Vintage Awesomeness Lot 4
Vintage Awesomeness Lot 4

Many more to see, go check them out!




Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!


Here is another awesome example of 70s advertising greatness. It seems yarn blends (combining two different kinds of yarn) were very big and new things back in the 70s and many ads were praising the new yarn combos.

The yarn label is also so fabulously 70s. Can’t you just picture Mrs. Brady crocheting up some turtlenecks for Jan and Marcia?

I just love the Brady Bunch feel of this yarn. I did a search and you can still find some skeins on sites like Ebay. I might just get one for the nostalgia.



Crochet Pants. Best. Design. Ever.

I love crochet pants!
I love crochet pants!


I don’t know about you, but whenever I see crochet translated into pants, it makes me smile. Maybe because I know that if you actually making pants that aren’t see through the resulting fabric will probably be something like cardboard when worn.

Even the poor boy from this ad can’t help but grin at the situation he’s in with this 3 pc outfit. Or he’s smiling through the pain and just wishing the photographer’s assistant hadn’t double knotted the earflap hat so he could pull it off and cool down a bit.

Vintage Awesomeness

I’m a vintage crochet junkie. I love seeing all those crazy fashions and elaborate doilies of times past. I’m constantly trolling Ebay for magazines and books from past decades, and recently I got my hands on two whole decades (70s and 80s) of a craft magazine called The Workbasket.

The Workbasket is a do it all craft magazine. Each issue is chock full of crochet, knitting, sewing, canning, recipes and tons of ads. Though I originally snatched these up to check out the crochet patterns, I found myself being more drawn to the advertisments strewn all over the pages. They range from miracle diet cures (some things never change) to heartwarming yarn ads (see photo below).

I’ve decided to share some of the fun ads I’ve found starting with the ad below. I find that it’s not just the look of the ad that is fun to see, but also the way the ad is written. I’ve noticed that ads from the 70s are much more wordy. We usually see one pattern with the company name on a full page ad these days. Back then, most companies reached out for the emotional connection to the customer. The ad below is the best example of this I’ve found so far. It is from the 70s, and very touching.

I’ll be adding these ads as the weeks go on, so check back often for a new ones.

Vintage yarn ad1
Such a cute couple!