Newbie Newsday ~ Why Do You Call Your Yarn A Cake?

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Mmmmmmmm, cake. Wait, I’m getting off topic.

Why is some yarn called a cake? Or a hank, ball, skein, cone, or donut?Why are there so many different names for yarn?

Yarn is yarn, all of these other names are simply the way the yarn is presented to you, the buyer.

Each name refers to a different configuration of the yarn you are buying. Here is a visual breakdown:



Flat on the top and bottom and round in the middle, just like a cake. Usually, these are made from winding your yarn from a hank on a yarn winder. However, some companies (like Caron above) are marketing the yarn in cakes where you can see the color changes better.

You can either work from the center or outside tail of the cake as is.


Cloudborn Superwash Merino Worsted Yarn - Dyed by Lorna's Laces

Many independent yarn sellers offer yarn in this form. Unwinding it produces a big loop, which is how they work with it to dye it. It’s most cost effective for the dyer to leave it in this form when selling.

You cannot begin a project from yarn in this form. It will become a tangled mess. You must first wind it into a cake or ball. I have a video on how to do this here.



We’ve all seen a ball of yarn. It’s rare to see them sold as such (the awesome Zauberball above is an exception), but we’ve all wound up leftovers from projects.

Unless you are winding a center pull ball on purpose, you normally can only work from the outside tail of a yarn ball.


Rainbow Mighty Stitch Sampler

Pronounced skeyn, this is how most big box yarn companies sell their yarn. It is wound on a machine and forms a fat oblong shape.

You can either work from the center or outside tail of the skein as is.



A cone is yarn in a cone shape and usually has a cardboard core. These come with mass amounts of yardage to be used for knitting machines mostly. However, they come in handy at home with a yarn bobbin holder for larger projects.

You will only have access to the outside tail on a cone.


Zing! Chroma Fingering Sampler

My favorite yarn (Chroma by Knit Picks pictured here) is sold in donut form. Like its name, the yarn is shaped like a donut: round with a hole in the middle. The donut helps to show the different color changes on self-striping yarn.

You can either work from the center or outside tail of the donut as is.




Cloudborn From Craftsy ~ Exclusive Kits To Buy Now

I can now reveal my Craftsy secret. They have created their own line of yarn. It’s called Cloudborn and is fantastic. They asked me to make a few exclusive patterns with the yarn and they are now on sale. The yarn was simply fantastic to work with. They have tons of different kinds and tons of colors. You can check out all the options here, or check out my new patterns (that come as a complete kit with the yarn included) below.

Bonus: They are all on sale for Black Friday!

Petite Basketweave Cowl Kit
Stay in the style loop with the Petite Basketweave Cowl! With the pattern and Cloudborn Superwash Merino Worsted Twist yarn included in this kit, you’ll have everything you need to make your own cozy accessory. Work up this incredible basketweave stitch pattern, and enjoy the best of both tasteful style and rich texture.
Petite Basketweave Beanie Kit
Use your head — choose the Petite Basketweave Hat Kit! You’ll receive a pattern and sumptuous Cloudborn Superwash Merino Worsted Twist yarn to create a chic, textural hat. Work up this beautiful bobble-stitch pattern and relish in warmth and style worth a smile.
Petite Bobble Cowl Kit
It may be called the Petite Bobble Cowl Kit, but the results are big on style! You’ll receive a pattern and Cloudborn Baby Alpaca yarn to create this cowl that combines best of both cute and cozy. Featuring a beautiful bobble-stitch pattern and the remarkable softness of baby alpaca, you’ll want to wear it every day!

Something New Is Coming From Craftsy!

Coming Soon...
Coming Soon…

I’m very excited to share with you a little preview of what I’m currently working on with Craftsy. I can’t give too much away yet, but stay tuned to learn more about Cloudborn in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, if you have never checked out Craftsy, now is the time to do so. They have yarn at incredible prices as well as some pre-made crochet kits (including some with patterns made by me) at great discounts. Click on the picture below to go check them out.

Congrats To The Hometown Winner

Congrats to Barbara who won the two skeins of Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn with the following comment:

I started “thinking” about Christmas projects in January. I have literally hundreds of patterns. I’ve made some snowflakes and a few characters, but I plan to really get going on Christmas very, very soon. My daughter and I are planning to make some felt ornaments too. BTW I love the basket made with that the Hometown USA.

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New Pattern ~50% Off~ Plus Win Some Yarn


The trumpet basket is a sophisticated basket for all your storage needs. The beautiful fluted shape allows for extra storage at the top of the basket. It’s generous size ensures you can fit a variety of things.


50% Off This Week Only


Use promo code: basket50 during checkout to receive discount.*

*Offer good until Sunday, August  2nd, 2015 midnight Pacific time.

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Win Some Yarn


Up for grabs is some Lion Brand Hometown USA in colorway Los Angeles Tan. This is the same yarn used to make the Trumpet Basket and two skeins will be awarded to one lucky reader.

How To Enter

Leave a comment in this post simply telling all of us if you’ve started working on your holiday projects.*

*Contest open to US residents only. Entries accepted until August 15th, 2015 midnight Pacific time. Winner will be chosen and announced August 16th, 2015.

Time To Loaf Off ~ And A New Giveaway

Alert! New Slipper Pattern

This loafer is a fast project that produces a super comfy slipper. The top is crocheted as one piece directly onto the sole. You can even make it as one piece if you keep everything one color.


50% Off This Week Only


Use promo code: slipper50 during checkout to receive discount.*

         *Offer good until Sunday, May 17th, 2015 midnight Pacific time.

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Another Giveaway


I forgot to give away this Simply Soft Paints yarn when I posted my Slouchy Slippers pattern a little while back so now it’s up for grabs, along with this cute Namaste needle/hook case.

You’ll win both items by leaving a comment below letting us all know what you will be crocheting/knitting this summer.*

*Open to US residents only. Comments accepted until May 31st, 2015 midnight Pacific time. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced June 1st, 2015.



Congrats To The Winners!!

Congrats to the winners of the Yarn and Poncho Pattern giveaways!

The Poncho Pattern goes to Miriam O. who left the following comment:

I love to both knit and crochet but I think knit lace looks nicer. Thanks for the opportunity!

And the winner of the Sweet Sports yarn is Dawn W. who left this comment:

I love purples and greens together and orange and eds together too! Thanks for the chance to win such pretty yarn!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I’m working on the next giveaway so be sure to follow the blog to get notification as soon as it’s up!

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