This tutorial will show you how to combine your foundation chain and first row of double crochet into one foundation double crochet. I will give you tips on how to remember the steps as well.

6 thoughts on “Foundation Double Crochet (FDC)

  1. Howdy! I love this technique. I use it all the time for flat pieces, but am having trouble using it in a tube. I watched the join tutorial, but I think my problem is with the fdc and not the join. My pieces always curve slightly toward the bottom. No problem with a flat piece as the next row pulls it square, but when I attempt to join, I get a circle that lies flat instead of a tube. No matter how many more rows I do, it wants to maintain that smaller bottom. Any ideas?


    1. You could try making the CH portion of the foundation chain looser. So when you pull through just that one loop in the beginning, pull out the loop a little so it is looser. See if that helps. 🙂


      1. That was exactly it! I tend to crochet tightly, so it took some mental discipline to remember to pull that loop out loosely. Thanks so much.


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