If you want a truly reversible fabric when working Intarsia crochet you need to know how to hide your tails when you have large jumps in your color changes. This tutorial will show you how to do this.

6 thoughts on “Intarsia Tutorial #2: Hiding Your Tails When Color Changes Jump

  1. Hi Deja! I’ve watched many of your videos and I think they sre wonderful! You are a great teacher!
    However, with this i have a question. I noticed that in the completed work the color changes dont give a very clean edge. Like the boxes/squares of color that you did dont have strsight square lines…its kinda zig zagged looking on the sides. I know thats where the color changes happened, but is there no way to get crisper looking edges for color changing?


    1. Hi there, thanks for the kind words. As for the jagged edge of the color change, there is no real way to avoid it because of the nature of crochet stitches and how they lay. The best stitch to hide it is double crochet because it is very vertical and all the loops stay together.


  2. I just watched your tutorials. I am going to try to make a hat and scarf using the Fair Isle and Intarsia styles. Wish me luck. Thank You.


  3. Your videos are wonderful. I was getting very confused about the difference between all the different methods of using colour in crochet. I am itching to get started. The trouble is a lack of nice patterns – they really don’t exist! I’ve seen some lovely work here and there so I know how beautiful it can be but it just isn’t translating into available patterns. I like your heart hat for fair isle but it’s for a child and I don’t have one of those. Any chance of some really nice patterns to get us beginners started? I’m just desperate to do a nice simple pattern (but not that simple) a sample square or dish cloth for each technique would be fantastic.

    Anyway, your videos are a treasure trove of information. Thank you so much. Absolutely fascinated now!


    1. Hi there, thanks so much for checking out the patterns. The heart beanie as well as all the other Fair Isle beanies actually have instructions for baby to adult male sizes included in them. 🙂


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