3 thoughts on “Left Hand Increasing In Half Double Crochet When Working In Rounds (HDC INC)

  1. Hi

    I am a beginner

    I have watched the video and I understand what to do in the second round – hdc 2 times in EACH stitch – which is the instruction in the pattern I am using – however in the 3rd round it starts off saying to hdc 2 times in NEXT stitch

    What is the difference between EACH and NEXT in this situation?


    1. Hi there, there is no real difference in each or next. It is just because RND 2 is all the same I say each and then in RND 3 you will do one two stitches in one stitch and then one stitch in the next. It is supposed to cut down on the confusion of if you are supposed to do the stitch in the same stitch or the next. 🙂


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