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Left Hand Jogless Stripes in Half Double Crochet When Working In Spirals

If you love working your half double crochet projects in spirals, but are afraid to change colors because of those ugly jogs you get, this video is for you.

This method will get rid of your offset color changes and give you inline stripes when working half double crochet in spirals.

Important Note:Β  This method should not effect most patterns. There are exceptions (if you watched the video this is where you saw the note), if you are doing specific shaping this method could throw that off.

Specific shaping would be a designer putting increases or decreases in a specific spot to shape the project a specific way. For example, if they only increased for three rounds on the first two stitches of each round to create a bump in the project, this method will throw that shaping off. You can use this method for normal shaping (as in creating the top of a beanie) where the increases or decreases are spaced evenly around the project.


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