You can use them on a corner to get a nice pointy edge. You can use them as an edge for a bumpy border, or even inside of lace work for extra texture. There are so many things you can do with a picot.

4 thoughts on “Picot Stitch Tutorial

  1. I am just finishing up the owl basket as a gift for my daughter-in-law. First eye is perfect. But I cannot get the picot on the second eye to look right. I’ve started over several times. It just doesn’t look as good as the first eye. I just end up with a tiny bump and not a nice point like the first one. Help!!


  2. Deja, I love you.

    Look at this bizarre description of a picot from my latest project:
    Picot – Chain 3; insert hook between the front & back lps of previous st; yo & pull through all lps on hook.
    I was cruising along and then, whoa! That’s not how I thought a picot worked! And then, Deja to the rescue! My project finished beautifully, with all the right bumps in all the right places.

    Thanks for being my crochet hero.



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