6 thoughts on “Extended Single Crochet (ESC)

  1. If I make another sc chevron afghan but want to use the esc, is there anything else I have to do? Hope my question is understandable.

    BTW, so glad you’ve included the esc – it’s not a stitch I knew about but only find out about and thought it might work for my next sc chevron.

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Deja! I was wondering if you could explain color changes with ESC. I assume you would just change when the last 2 loops are on the hook, but just need clarification. Thank you.


    1. That is exactly what you would do. 🙂 Since you are just adding essentially an extra chain before the last step, once you reach those last two loops, just bring in the new color and drop the old.


  3. hi Deja, thank you for sharing this tutorial on the ESC, it was very detailed and well explained. I’m on Ravelry and showed a link (I mentioned your name) back to your website to view this tutorial. If you would rather that I remove it, please let me know.


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