Learn how to increase when working single crochet in the round. This video will show how placing your increases in different areas can give you different outcomes.

2 thoughts on “Increasing In Single Crochet When Working In The Round (SC INC)

  1. Please explain to me in the “increasing in SC in the round”, that rather than taking only one stitch at the beginning of the SC, the hook goes under the 2 stitches. I was shown to only use the top stitch. Is this a special feature in the finished product? I’ve not seen it before! I’m working to make one of your hats & need to learn a lot. I hope I’m making sense!


    1. Hi there, do you mean the top two loops instead of one? That is the most common way. Working under both loops. Working on the front or back loop will give a different texture to your project.


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