Half Double Crochet Tutorials


Learn how to half double crochet and use it in a variety of ways in this series of tutorials. Click on a link below to view a video now.

Lefties Click Here

  1. Half Double Crochet For Beginners (HDC)

  2. Half Double Crochet Into The Foundation Chain

  3. Half Double Crochet In The First Stitch Of The Row

  4. Half Double Crochet In The Middle Of The Row

  5. Half Double Crochet In The Last Stitch Of The Row

  6. Half Double Crochet In The Back Loop Only (HDC BLO)

  7. Half Double Crochet In The Front Loop Only (HDC FLO)

  8. Half Double Crochet In Spirals

  9. Decreasing In Half Double Crochet When Working In Rows (HDC DEC)

  10. Increasing In Half Double Crochet When Working In Rows (HDC INC)

  11. Decreasing In Half Double Crochet When Working In Rounds (HDC DEC)

  12. Increasing In Half Double Crochet When Working In Rounds (HDC INC)

  13. Extended Half Double Crochet (EHDC)

  14. Half Double Crochet Into A Center Ring

  15. Creating A Vertical Ribbing In Half Double Crochet With Post Stitches

  16. Magic Adjustable Loop In Half Double Crochet (HDC MAL)

  17. Foundation Half Double Crochet (FHDC)

  18. Foundation Half Double Crochet Join In The Round

  19. Straight Seam In Half Double Crochet When Working In The Round

  20. Jogless Stripes in Half Double Crochet When Working In Spirals

  21. Half Double Crochet Intarsia Tutorial

  22. How To Change Color In Half Double Crochet


19 thoughts on “Half Double Crochet Tutorials

  1. Hi, I am stuck…I can crochet but I am expanding my horizons and I need a little help.

    I understand ‘ch 17, 2 sc in 2 ch from hook, sc 12

    I don’t understand ‘hdc 2. work 4 hdc, 4 dc in last ch’

    I run out of stitches to complete the first side of round 1.



    • Hi there, from those instructions I’m getting that you will have 16 sts total to work into (you are skipping the 1st CH and working into the 2nd). So you are performing 2 scs in the 2nd ch, then you will sc in the next 12 sts (13 total so far), then you will HDC 2 times in next st (14 total), then it’s confusing because the work 4 HDC is written differently from the rest, but I think you are supposed work 4 in the next ST (15 total) then work 4 DC in the last CH (16 total). The instructions are not written very clearly, but that is about the only thing that makes sense.

      The other option is the “hdc 2, work 4 hdc, 4 dc in last ch” could be work one hdc in the next 2 sts, then in the last ch you put all the 4 hdc and 4 dc in there. So the way I would write it is: HDC in next 2 STS, (HDC 4 times, DC 4 times) all in last CH.

      Not sure which one is the correct one. Are you able to contact the designer?


      • Thank You! I followed your directions (a couple of times) but it worked! I was unable to contact the designer so I appreciate your help. Thanx Again!


    • Hi there, it could mean a couple of things. IF they are back to back like: 2 HDC, HDC 2, it most likely means make 2 HDCs in next ST, then make a HDC in next 2 STS. Or if it is by itself and you see it in two different patterns then it could be just make a HDC in next 2 STS and it’s just being written in a different order. If you could give me more of the instructions I can give a more definitive answer.

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  2. I’ve gotten to approx. row 5 or 6 several times and end up with a really big, bulky start that looks nothing like the picture. I think row 3 is where I’m getting hung up: (RND 3: [HDC 2 times in next ST, HDC] 8 times. 24 STS). Does this mean I should end up with 3 HDC’s in each of my 8 holes to make the 24 STS? I’ve tried to find a tutorial on reading patterns, as I’m a beginner, but can’t find one. Thanks for guidance!


    • So on RND 3 and all the next RNDs of increasing, you will treat the brackets as a group of stitches and the comma shows where you move on to the next ST. So the [HDC 2 times, HDC] means to HDC 2 times in one stitch, then move to the next ST and HDC in that ST. The 8 times after the bracket lets you know you will repeat those stitches 8 times around. So HDC 2 times in one ST and then HDC in the next. You had 16 STS from the previous round and by increasing by 8 in RND 3 you will be up to 24. This will also keep the bottom a round shape. If you didn’t space out the increases evenly, you will get a big bump on one side. 🙂


      • Thanks for the quick reply! How do I know when to chain 2? With the four strands of yarn, and so much bulk, I feel like I need to add the chain 2’s, but I’m not sure if I add them at the end of each set of brackets, or not at all??? Thanks again. You must have a lot of patience!!


      • Thank you so much; my understanding has always been that everything within a bracket is repeated by the number following the bracket. Therefore, I was getting too many stitches.


  3. On the owl basket, when it says hdc2tog, hdc in next 6 sts. Are you suppose to work the hdc in the same st as the hdc2tog or in the next st.
    Thank You


  4. I thought I was doing so well, but are you supposed to go into both sides of the stitch when you are half double crocheting, or just 1 side? I am doing the owl basket, and having a very hard time keeping up with all the stitches, and now I am 4 stitches short going into the 1/2 double crochet 2 together. Please help!


  5. I am working on the owl basket, along with a friend….what fun! I’m reading ahead, and trying to understand the HDC2TOG. I am not seeing a tutorial for that. Can you explain? Thanks so much. I love this project!


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