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Would You Like To Buy Some Girl Scout Cookies?

My mom is letting me take over a page on her website for my cookie business. I am selling Girl Scout cookies for the first year ever. This year we can send an email with a link to buy online. My mom will talk more about that below, but first:


Here are cookies this year:


You’ll notice that the names of some of your favorites may be different (ex. Samoas are called Caramel deLites here.) It is because there are two different Girl Scout cookie bakers and ours uses these names, but they are the same cookie.

Here is my mom to explain the ordering process:

This year we are able to take online orders, it is a great option if you don’t live near your favorite girl scout, or don’t live near any girl scouts at all.

Each girl has her own separate account. So when you order from her, she and her troop are the ones receiving the credit.

Because of this, we have to send individualized emails with a specific link just for you to shop through.

Unfortunately there are some drawbacks to this online system — the shipping and minimum orders. You have to order in at least half case increments (6 boxes minimum) and the shipping costs are quite high (as you’ll see below.) Each item you choose, the shipping applies to that item, it does not have a discount for bulk ordering.

Wowza, are they shipping these in gold boxes?
The first column shows price for half and full case, the second column is shipping cost for each option.

However, I want to take the sting of the shipping off so I’m offering some Crochet Ever After credit.

Crochet Ever After Credit

Whatever amount you have to spend for shipping your order, I will give you a coupon code for that amount to shop with on the site.

It is good forever, and will be the full cost of your shipping costs.

I’m not sure what info we will receive when you place an order so just email me a copy of your receipt for now with the shipping costs and I’ll send you the coupon code.

Ready To Order?

If you would like to order some right now you can contact me so I can get your email to send you a link. Let me know in the contact form if you would like to buy cookies or donate money (donations require a separate link.)



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