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  • Fran Larson

    Hi Deja, This is your old Brisbane neighbor Fran, and I want to thank you for the magic ring with double crochet tutorial! I’m working on a panda bear hat for my youngest grandchild (#6, and 5 of them are boys). Enjoyed seeing pictures of your kiddos, and remember especially your daughter (won’t reveal her name for privacy). She and Ava had some fun together! Anyway, I appreciate your easy-to-understand tutorial and it was a thrill to see you! Fran

  • Lindsay

    Hi! I love your owl basket pattern! I plan on making one as a present, but I also sell items at a local craft store. Do you give permission for that? I would, of course, credit you with the pattern. Thanks!

  • MaryAnn

    Comment/Question: Deja, I watched your utube tutorial on magic circle for DC. It is the clearest to understand that I have come across. Your voice is pleasant in presenting the video.
    I want to sign up for new tutorials you make. Very happy to find you. Thank you. MaryAnn

  • Anne

    Deja, as I start dipping my feet (hooks?!) into patterns on my appreciation for you, your patterns and your videos continues to grow with each click of my mouse. Thank for your time and effort to make things so clear cut and much much less intimidating.

  • roberta oster

    Got it! Thanks so much…I’m looking forward to getting one made…hope it can work for a project bag for unfinished projects…The plan is to use bright colors and hang them from hooks on my craft room wall (aka dinning room). I’ll include the pattern on the front so everything I need to finish the project will be handy and until I get to it, I’ll have a art piece for my wall…

  • Roberta Oster

    I paid for the monster bag pattern via pay pal but I haven’t received the download pattern…can you let me know what’s happened?

  • Patrice

    Hi, I just purchase your heart lace infinity scarf pattern. The first question is about my password. I entered the password provided while using my kindle. The page just returned as though nothing had been entered. Have you seen this issue before and is there a work around. The second question is do you allow your patterns to be used for charity sales? I would like to make several of these for our church craft fair but wanted to check with you first. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

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