How to Eliminate The Gaps From Turning Chains Tutorial

If you prefer, see a written/photo tutorial of this technique here.

Ever wish you could get rid of the gap that results when you count your turning chain as your first stitch? This technique will show you an alternate way of fixing this problem without creating the unsightly bump of making the turning chain and your first stitch in the same spot.


18 thoughts on “How to Eliminate The Gaps From Turning Chains Tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am a new crocheter, and this info was very helpful. I have learned a lot from many of your videos. Great website.


  2. I’m relatively new to crocheting (about a year). I have been avoiding doing ‘give-away’ projects because I thought I was doing something wrong that my edges were looking like you describe with a chain of three or four separate from the rest of the stitches. Your tutorial has now explained the problem that experienced crocheters I’ve asked couldn’t answer satisfactorily. That has also given me confidence to expand my repertoire of projects beyond slippers. Thanks again Deja


  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial….it is a great tip. I have a pattern that asks for a chain four at the beginning of the row and it counts as a DC and chain 1 space. How would I eliminate the gap for this? Thanks


  4. Hi.. OK, I purchased the owl pattern to make for a friend. I used worsted yarn and the I needle. It didn’t come out as big as yours, but it is nice and firm. I am working on the eyes. I had no problem with the first eye, but when I got to the second, it says Ch 5, then picot. Do I ch the 5 then ch 3 for the picot ( which would actually be chaining 8)?I would have loved a video for second eye, it just has me stumped. Sorry if this is a silly question, Hope I am making sense.


    • Thank you and just want to say first I so appreciate your quick response. This old brain just needed a little reassurance and to walk away from it fo a bit. Lol. But happy to say it finally clicked. I wish I could post a picture, it came out with a slightly round belly area which I really likes and I added two brown wooden buttons about 1/2 in ( a little darker than my yarn -I used Red Heart Super Saver tan) The buttons really add a cute touch.
      Thank you again for your help.


  5. Thanks for the fast reply for crocheting in the round. Do you do the same thing for single and triple when crocheting in the round?


    • I have a video for an invisible seam in single crochet (you can find it under the straight seam tutorials). Treble would be the same as the double. Just make a long ch tall enough for a TR. 🙂


  6. terrific tip! all along I thought I was making mistakes when I saw the gaps (I am a new crocheter). now I feel more confident and have something to show someone else and I’ll be sure to tell them where I learned it! Thanks —


  7. I just watched how to eliminate gaps from turning chain tutroial. If I wanted to crochet a boarder on the sides, where would you put the hook so you won’t see gaps after?


    • I would put it in between the first actual stitch. So you have your elongated CH and then your first stitch. I would insert my hook between the loops of that first stitch so you aren’t going around the whole stitch and pulling on it to make a gap.


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