New Knitcrate! See What’s Inside

Red bag reveal.
Red bag reveal.

Another great Knitcrate awaits. Read on to see what they sent.

As always the goodies I get from Knitcrate are wonderfully chosen and of a super high quality.

Just as a reminder since I haven’t stated it in awhile. I purchase the Knitcrate myself. It is $55 a month (which can vary depending on which Knitcrate you choose.) Now let’s see the value of what I received.

Sweet Extra

Fun flavor names.
Fun flavor names.

The sweet extra this month is from Talbott Teas. ($2 value)

With names like Luscious Lemon Meringue and Paris Breakfast, I was intrigued to try these teas even though I am not a big tea drinker.

I tried out the non-caffeinated Luscious Lemon Meringue and it was delicious. Rather than the citrus flavor I was expecting, the tea was herbaceous and vibrant. If I did drink tea regularly, I would add this flavor into my cabinet. I can’t wait to try the Paris Breakfast now.

Fun Extra

Get rid of pills.
Get rid of pills.

Our fun extra is the “Save Our Sweaters” pill removing brush by Lilly Brush ($12.95 value)

I have lots of sweaters and lots of pill making scarves and beanies so this brush could be a great thing. I usually use a battery operated pill shaver similar to this. While it works wonderfully, I don’t usually bring it with me for on the road pill removing.

This Lilly Brush is made for travel with its included brush cover and it does so much more than just remove pills. It can remove pet hair, lint, and other odds and ends. I wanted to try it out before posting this so we could see if really does work. I grabbed a sweater that I haven’t “shaved” in awhile and took a before picture.

Sweater before brushing. Notice the pills throughout.
Sweater before brushing. Notice the pills throughout.

And then I gave the area a good brush and here is the after.

Look ma, no pills!
Look ma, no pills!

Check out the brush after the pill removal.

All kinds of goodies on the brush.
All kinds of goodies on the brush.

The pills were easy to remove from the brush. I would be extra careful on delicate fabrics though since this is a brush and the fabric does get “pulled” a bit while brushing, but overall this is a great product to remove all the fuzzy bits that accumulate during the day.

Free Patterns and Promo Codes

Cute Knit Patterns
Cute Knit Patterns

There are two free patterns this month by Pam Powers. ($12 value)

The Cable & Stitch Ascot and Chambray Headband Patterns are two very cute  knit patterns that work well together as a pair.

Pam is also offering a buy 1 get 1 free promo code for her patterns on Ravelry.

There is also a promo code for 15% off at and a $10 off $50 promo code at Knitcrate.

Yarn Time

Love the name of this yarn.
Love the name of this yarn.

This month I received not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 full hanks of Big Bad Wool in Weepaca ($48 total value)

The very cute name of Weepaca is a literal name of sorts. The yarn contains 50% fine washable wool and 50% alpaca. This yarn is so soft and squishy.

It looks like a medium weight though the label doesn’t confirm (doesn’t give a size, just a gauge.)

Each hank contains 95 yards of this super soft yarn. The colors that were sent are very vivid and look great together so I want to come up with a pattern that uses them all together. Stay tuned for that.

Did you get a Knitcrate this month? What kind did you order? Let us know below. Plus check out this video reveal to see more of the goodies.


4 thoughts on “New Knitcrate! See What’s Inside

  1. I wanted to thank you for recommending KnitCrate. I LOVE it!! I just got my first indie kit and it’s fabulous. Wish I could post a picture. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your blog. I love it!!


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