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Holiday Gift Guide For The Crocheter Who Has Everything

You know your friend, significant other, spouse, etc. loves to crochet, but you have no idea what to get them besides yarn. Read on to see some great non-yarn ideas.

I have even more gift guides at the bottom of this post to help you this season.

I am a member of Etsy’s Affiliate Program and the above links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase after clicking on any of my links.

  1. A Yarn Guide Ring

I love the different styles ItsVera has in their shop. Shop now at Etsy. Starting at $16.99

2. Handy Pouch

This cute “Crochet is my Therapy” pouch from SunflowerYarnCo is perfect to store all your crochet hooks and notions. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $16.46

3. 3D Printed Yarn Bowl (with Personalization)

How cute are these 3D printed yarn bowls from LEPrintworks? I love the fact you can personalize the bottom with just about anything for only $5 more! Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $19.00.

4. Hat Sizing Templates

These clever templates are a must for any crochet who loves to make beanies. No more guessing at sizes. These templates by TheLilliePad make sure you have a perfect size every time. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $24.99.

5. Cute Shirt

Crochet-specific apparel is few and far between, so I love that this shirt from CrochetGuruShop specifically calls out crochet. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $23.95.

6. A Pretty Set of Hooks

I love anything opal looking so these hooks by ShopCrocWoodworking are my jam! The tops pop off of the base so you can have your perfect size ready to go at any time. Show now on Etsy. Starting at $34.00.

7. Hooker Mug

I love the look of traditional Tarot card art and this mug by PinkSheepDesign is spot on! Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $20.00.

8. Decor Sign

This personalizable (is that a word?) sign from BerryMerryStore is perfect for the she-shed (or he-shed). Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $22.99.

9. Comfy Sweatshirt

Let everyone know you love yarn with this perfect crewneck sweatshirt from PeaceAndBlossom. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $30.00.

10. Yarn Box

If you have enough yarn bowls, time to switch it up to a yarn box. This one from 7thFloorYarn has a bunch of handy features and can be personalized. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $45.00.

11. Tabletop Yarn Winder

If you struggle to clamp down your current winder (like me), this tabletop winder from DetallitosStore is perfect for you. Buy now on Etsy. $84.00.

12. Fun Pins/Magnets

A great stocking stuffer idea from Pepsy. Order them as pins or magnets. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $6.00.

13. Crochet Ornament

I personally have one of these ornaments from ScratchCraft and it is even better than the picture. Buy now on Etsy. $26.00.

14. Stitch Marker Tin

I love the vintage vibe of the tins that FireFlyNotes sell. Buy now on Etsy. $15.00.

15. A Beautiful Hook

These handmade hooks from WizardwoodGifts are amazing! I want one in every design!. Buy now on Etsy. $75.00.

What did you like best from above? If you are still looking check out Etsy’s Holiday Shop for more inspiration.

I also have gift guides with more crochet items, as well as knit and gifts for yarn lovers all below.

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Yarn Lovers Gift Guide – For the bi-stitchual who has everything already. Yarn-friendly gifts.

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