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Baby Blankets Make the Best Gifts

Why do they make the best gifts?

Because they are fairly fast projects being much smaller than a regular blanket. You know they will be used, unlike the baby sweater that is cute, but highly impractical to clean and put on the baby. And the new parents will cherish the item you took your time handmaking.

I’ve got a new baby blanket in the shop to help you get started on your next gift.

The Lovey Crochet Baby Blanket will be a hit as a baby shower gift. You can go gender-neutral with a grey color as pictured, or switch to pink or blue and make it gender-specific.

This baby blanket will stand the test of time, made with worsted weight yarn, the dense blanket will hold up to everything the baby can dish out. As the baby gets older, they will love pushing on all of the “bobbles” that stick out that give the blanket such a fun texture.

Plus, it is 50% off this week only!

The pattern is on sale now. No promo code is needed. The discount is already applied. Promo good through 11/21/21 midnight PST.

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