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Holiday Gift Guide For The Knitter Who Has Everything

I just posted a crochet gift guide and I can’t leave out the knitters. You will notice a couple of items are the same because they can work for a knitter or crocheter. However, you will see many items made just for knitters. Read on to get some gift ideas for the knitters in your life.

I have even more gift guides at the bottom of this post to help you this season.

I am a member of Etsy’s Affiliate Program and the above links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase after clicking on any of my links.

  1. A Yarn Guide Ring

I love the different styles ItsVera has in their shop. Shop now at Etsy. Starting at $16.99

2. Knitter’s Journal

This Knitter’s Journal from Tangerine8 is perfect for keeping pattern notes and the back cover has some handy yarn info etched in. Buy now on Etsy. $20.00

3. 3D Printed Yarn Bowl (with Personalization)

How cute are these 3D printed yarn bowls from LEPrintworks? I love the fact you can personalize the bottom with just about anything for only $5 more! Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $19.00.

4. Yarny Keyring

Show your love for yarn with this fun keyring by LittleCharmShopsUK. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $11.87.

5. Cute Shirt

I love the Christmas song vibe this shirt from HeraDesignCompany gives, but it’s also Pandemic approved with the staying home nod. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $9.03.

6. Fancy Set of Needles

This Knitter’s Pride Needle Set from HandsomeFibers will make any knitter happy. Show now on Etsy. Starting at $86.94.

7. Knitter Mug

I love the look of traditional Tarot card art and this mug by PinkSheepDesign is spot on! Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $20.00.

8. Knit Decor

I absolutely love this piece of art from IrenaSophia for too many reasons to list. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $19.99.

9. Comfy Sweatshirt

Let everyone know you love yarn with this perfect crewneck sweatshirt from ShauneilTees. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $24.75.

10. Yarn Box

If you have enough yarn bowls, time to switch it up to a yarn box. This one from 7thFloorYarn has a bunch of handy features and can be personalized. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $45.00.

11. Tabletop Yarn Winder

If you struggle to clamp down your current winder (like me), this tabletop winder from DetallitosStore is perfect for you. Buy now on Etsy. $84.00.

12. Fun Pins/Magnets

A great stocking stuffer idea from Pepsy. Order them as pins or magnets. Buy now on Etsy. Starting at $6.00.

13. Knit Ornament

I personally have one of these ornaments from ScratchCraft and it is even better than the picture. Buy now on Etsy. $26.00.

14. Stitch Marker Tin

I love the vintage vibe of the tins that FireFlyNotes sell. Buy now on Etsy. $15.00.

15. Knit Jewelry

These earrings from wearthou are perfect minimal jewelry for knitters. Buy now on Etsy. $34.40

What did you like best from above? If you are still looking check out Etsy’s Holiday Shop for more inspiration.

I also have gift guides with more crochet items, as well as knit and gifts for yarn lovers all below.

Crochet Gift Guide – For the crocheters in your life. Perfect gifts for them.

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Yarn Lovers Gift Guide – For the bi-stitchual who has everything already. Yarn-friendly gifts.

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