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12 Days of Christmas – Day 9 Free Pattern – A Knit and A Crochet Beanie

I’m turning 12 of my paid patterns (or maybe a little more) into new “forever free” patterns. Get one every day for the 12 days of Christmas.

These will be slightly different from my other forever-free patterns, where there may or may not be a video tutorial that is included. Sometime in the future, I may include tutorials with some of these, but for now, you may just only find a pattern.

Quick refresher: I have some patterns that are forever-free patterns and you can find those here. I also have some limited-time free patterns that are usually a paid pattern, but for the first week, or more, they are free to those that subscribe and see them in time to download. If you don’t want to miss out on those, be sure to subscribe now! Also, subscribe to get notice when the rest of the 11 patterns are released.

Day 9 Patterns – Lucy and Ethel Beanies

Today is another two-pattern day. These are named after one of my all-time favorite show’s characters. Lucy and Ethel are coordinating knit and crochet beanies.

The easy stitches create a striped beanie in either your preferred knit or crochet.

Lucy Crochet Pattern
Ethel Knit Pattern

From Paid to Free

As I mentioned before, this pattern used to be a paid pattern, but I am turning it into one of my forever-free patterns. You can pin it below if you want to come back later to download it. It will always be free so you can bookmark it for later. If you missed any of the past days’ free patterns, click here to see them all.

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