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I’m going to be starting a series on all the things I wished I could have found information on when I began my self-publishing journey. I plan on covering all sorts of topics, from why to self-publish, photo basics on print vs. epub, what software you really need for a good layout and much more.

Throughout the series, I will share what I learned, where I found the knowledge and then what I actually used from all the info I gathered. I will never claim to know everything on these topics, but I’ve found that finding specific information for self-publishing patterns and pattern books is quite lacking. So I will focus on covering topics specific to this area, but if you have any interest in self-publishing, I think these articles will be able to help you as well.  I will be rolling these out periodically, so if you are interested in a certain topic that I haven’t covered yet (or one that you wish to see first since I haven’t actually posted any yet), leave me a comment below so I can post on it right away.

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