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Increasing In Half Double Crochet When Working In Rounds (HDC INC)

Learn how to increase in half double crochet when working in the round.


    • Deja Joy

      Copy and paste the Rnd 3 instructions for me. I was thinking the IN was and increase, but maybe you are just HDC in the previous HDC. Want to give you the right info. 🙂

      • Deborah Haney

        Hey Deja Joy,
        I figured it out! And I gave you incorrect info. Rnd 2 was actually Cross St. (working around a hdc with another hdc in the previous stitch). So in Rnd three I was working in the top of crossed hdc’s. It seemed so confusing at first but finally became obvious to me.
        Thank you for your willingness to help me!

  • Deborah Haney

    I just finished Rnd 2 of the 1st strip of a baby aphgan, all hdc. Rnd 3 calls for stitching a hdc IN a hdc. How do I do this?

    • Deja Joy

      It sounds like you will be doing 2 half double crochets in each stitch that it calls for. That would be the same as instructions that say HDC 2 times in next ST. Hopefully that helps. 🙂

    • Deja Joy

      Hi there, You are increasing on that round. So you will do 2 half double crochets in your next stitch, then you will half double crochet in the next 5 stiches. You will repeat that around and then if there are any stitches leftover at the end, half double crochet into those.:)


    Hello Deja, I am working on a crochet pattern, instruction* hdc-inc, hdc in the next st, rep from * 7 more times (24 hdc) does it mean hdc-inc in st, 1 hdc in next st, hdc-inc in the next, 1 hdc in next st, repeat around. Is that 7
    More rows like that?

    • Deja Jetmir

      Hi there, you will make 2 HDCs in the next st, then 1 HDC in the stitch after. Do that a total of 8 times, which makes 3 stitches x 8 times = 24 sts. Hopefully that helps. 🙂

    • Rahima

      *2hdc, hdc next 5 sts; repeat from * around, hdc in any remaining sts

      Would u like to describe this pattern? I will be very glad ❤️


    Hello Deja Joy I have the Owl basket pattern and I would like some help please. Are the rows joined by a slip stitch and then two chain to start the next row and will that make a line up the basket.

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