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5 DC Bobble AKA Cluster Stitch

This stitch is used in two of my most popular patterns, 1) Tree of Love Afghan and 2) Hootie Who Owl Ornament. You can use this stitch to make your own textured fabric. Check out the patterns below the video.

Tree of Love Afghan
Tree of Love Afghan
Hooties Who Owl Ornament
Hooties Who Owl Ornament



  • Sharon

    This was so helpful. I was trying to make this stitch and noticed each time I did another DC in the same stitch it was piling up and much higher on the left side. I noticed you hold the stitches to the right when making another DC in the same stitch. I think that will help a lot. Thank you for such good instructions. I want to make a hat with Homespun and maybe 3 DC cluster stitch. Just so I don’t look like a pin head with it on. Maybe starting the bobble/cluster/berry stitch when you stop increasing for several rows. Then a couple rows of DC or SC . Is the cluster stitch stretchy? Thanks again.

    • crocheteverafter

      Thanks so much! The stitch is as stretchy as whatever stitch you use it with. So if you use single crochet in between to make the puff stick out the most the stitch will be as stretchy as the single crochet. đŸ™‚

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