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Steam Blocking Acrylic Yarn

You can find a written tutorial for this video here.

This tutorial will show you how to block acrylic yarn. It shows how you can pull your project into the correct size or simply get it to lay flat. It also shows you what happens if you “kill” your acrylic.


  • Julie Hart

    Hello, Your tutorial answered all my questions and even some I didn’t know enough to ask! I am spending the day today blocking several finished acrylic projects with my new steamer! I am very excited to see the benefits you show here happen to the ponchos I finished last week. Most often I crochet with pima cotton and highland wool so if you have any blocking tips for natural material I look forward to hearing them too!

    • crocheteverafter

      Your blocking for certain fabrics will come undone. So a natural fiber in a lace pattern will be a blob after washing. You will have to re-block to get the pretty lace to show well again. An acrylic granny square blanket will need little to no reblocking after washing. Also the “killed” acrylic is still soft, just very flat and shiny.

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