Get Ready For Winter 2014 With 50% off New Pattern

Though it’s technically spring, it’s still cold in many places. And since I told everyone I was dropping everything to make something from this yarn, I can’t wait until next winter to put it up. So here it is, the pattern I made from the yarn that has actual silver in it.

Women's Textable Gloves
Women’s Textable Gloves

These ribbed gloves use the super cool Silver Spun yarn from LanaMundi. Not only do they keep your fingers toasty, but the yarn has actual silver spun right in which makes it possible to use your touchscreen devices without having to remove them. You can check out the video review below to see them in action on my phone.

The actual pattern will be great with any lightweight yarn, plus you can just add some conductive thread to the finger pads of the gloves and they will work just as well as the Silver Spun.

I’ve included three sizes to fit most women’s hands. Plus if you get the pattern now, you can get 50% off!

Promo Code

Use promo code: text50 at checkout to receive the discount.*

Click here to go purchase the pattern now.

*Offer good until Sunday, April 14th, 2014 midnight Pacific time.

Video Review

One thought on “Get Ready For Winter 2014 With 50% off New Pattern

  1. I think this super soft fabulous yarn could be crochet into a lovely cowl or infinity scarf for the special evening you spend with a special someone in your life …. it is pure luxury


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