Congrats To The Amazing Winner

Congrats to Sarah who won the two skeins of Amazing Yarn with the following comment:

My favorite dessert is mango float. when i go to the philippines my aunt makes it for me.

its fresh mango sliced
gram cracker crumbs
and sweetened condensed milk ( i think)

you layer it all up in a dish and then freeze it or refrigerate

slice it into squares and eat it! its wonderful on hot days. or any days for that matter :]

Thanks to everyone who entered. Be sure to enter the newest giveaway for a chance for some more yarn.

2 thoughts on “Congrats To The Amazing Winner

  1. YAY SARAH! I wonder if you’ve seen your “win” yet?
    May whatever you make be as “Amazing” as your aunt’s Mango Float!
    (See what I did there- Amazing- ha ha!)


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