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These Patterns Are Amazing!!!

There are times when I see a pattern online and my jaw just drops. The time it must have taken the designer to craft these life-like patterns is beyond my comprehension. They are just beautiful, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Note: if you do purchase one of these patterns, I will get a small commission from the sale, but will not affect your sales price. Now, with that out of the way. Check out these incredible patterns

This Bearded Dragon from TotaKsushaDolls will make you do a double take. It’s fiesty attitude is perfect for your favorite reptile loving person.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love owls. This Barn Owl pattern from GreatGreyCrochet is so spot on, you might just wonder if you heard a “who”.

I love the sweet smile of this Chameleon pattern by YarnWaveShop. Not only does he look real, but he looks real happy!

I couldn’t pass up including this second Chameleon pattern from lalylala. Not only is it cute, but it’s also a music box! Not lying! Click the link to learn more.

This Moth pattern by greedyforcolour is giving off glam vibes! Imaging using pearl beads on the wings.

Though not an animal, I couldn’t resist including these absolutely gorgeous Cherry Blossoms by HappyPattyCrochet. Can you believe how realistic these look? Finally a plant I can’t kill!

So which pattern is your favorite? I’d love to know below.

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