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Cabled Waves Stitch Pattern – Is It Worth Making?

I worked up the popular Cabled Waves crochet stitch pattern to see if it’s worth the work. See what I think about it below in my review video.

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The Stitch Pattern

Very unique look!

I saw a few posts in different crochet groups I belong to about the Cabled Waves pattern. They were mostly looking for where they could find the stitch pattern. I didn’t see anyone who had actually made it and gave info on it. I was very intrigued by the look of it because it was hugely different from any stitch out there. I decided to purchase the book it came from so I could give it a go.

The Pattern Book

Cabled Waves is on the cover!

The Cabled Waves Pattern is from The New Crochet Stitch Dictionary: 440 Patterns for Textures, Shells, Bobbles, Lace, Cables, Chevrons, Edgings, Granny Squares, and More — a mouthful! The book itself has some unique stitch patterns and I think it is worth purchasing if you are a collector of stitch patterns like I am. With that said, the book has a very different writing style than I am used to. That is what lead me to give a review on the stitch pattern as well as provide some tips on working it.

In the video below I give a sneak peak in the book and talk more about the difference from this stitch pattern book from all the others I own.

The Review and Tips

There are some things I note in the video that are important to consider if you are going to be making this stitch pattern. I also point out some confusing language in the pattern itself and how to interpret the written instructions. I do not give the written pattern away or work the entire pattern on camera as I think the book should be purchased if you are interested in making it yourself. However, I will give you tips to help you work the pattern if you own the book and are a little lost.

If you’ve made this stitch, let us know what you think of it and if you agree with my findings in the video below.

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