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Yarnbox February 2014 Reveal

What will it be?
What will it be?

I just got the newest Yarnbox last night and I can’t wait to share what I got. If you’re ready to see, keep reading. If you’re a subscriber and haven’t received yours yet, hide your eyes!

Look, yarn in the box!
Look, yarn in the box!

As usual, I’ll breakdown the contents and give my initial thoughts on my goodies.

Yarnbox Trading Cards
Yarnbox Trading Cards

I’m calling these Yarnbox Trading Cards from now on. They remind me of baseball cards, but instead of awesome athletes, I get awesome designers.

The two featured designers this month are:

1)Lily Prajogo (subscription includes a 25% off all purchases in her shop this month)

Plus you get her crochet Saltire Shawl as a free download ($6.oo)

I really appreciate Yarnbox giving us both a knit and crochet pattern in each kit and this crochet shawl is beautiful.

2)Kitman Figueroa  (subscription includes a 20% off all purchases in her shop this month)

Plus you get her knit Thorn Shawl as a free download ($5.oo)

This designer’s shawls make me want to learn to knit better. Her designs are absolutely beautiful.

Now for the yarn:

So soft!
So soft!

This month I received almost 400 yards (398 to be exact) of Phydeaux Designs Caresse Worsted Weight Yarn. ($33.00 a hank)

This merino, cashmere, nylon blend is a beautiful hand dyed yarn that is extremely versatile because of it’s content. Scarves, shawls, heanies, and so much more can be made from these skeins. I can’t wait to start working with this yarn.

So as you can see the overall Yarnbox was a great deal as usual. Not only is the discount on yarn and designers a steal, but learning about these companies and people I might never had found is something that can’t be measured.

Did you get a yarnbox this month? Tell us what you think about it below.  Plus see the video reveal below for more views of the beautiful yarn I received this month.




  • Lind D

    I did get my box yesterday. I love the yarn however I received the yarn this month. Corrie Sock yarn in beautiful Anodized color. It’s violet, purple, lavender, browns and greens. Super soft. 435 yards per hank. I plan on attempting the Saltire Shawl. Cannot wait to start but I have a few project before this one. Thanks for sharing. Love your colors too!

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