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Man Robbed By Ninjas ~My Husband To The Rescue

I just had to take a moment to praise my husband. He saw this story about a terminally ill man that had his front door open to try to cool his apartment, when two men dressed as ninjas burst in and robbed him of all his money.

The reason this stuck a chord with my husband is because from the time my daughter was three until about last year, if you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would tell you, “a ninja.” She has since upgraded to wanting to be the first person to land on Mars, but she still does Karate and loves American Ninja Warrior.

She was even a ninja  last Halloween.
She was even a ninja last Halloween.

So, my husband got with his command here in 29 Palms and started a fundraiser on (it’s still active if anyone out there wants to make a contribution as well to help this poor guy).

The reporter who originally told the story just did an interview with my husband about the efforts and I wanted to share the link because it was such a wonderful thing for him to do and I am so proud of his work to help get the man’s money back so he didn’t get evicted.

Side Note: They call him a Marine in the video, he’s actually Navy but we are on a Marine base so that is where the confusion comes from. We love both branches, but just in case you already knew my husband was Navy, I didn’t want you confused. πŸ™‚

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  • seeflishman

    Your husband is an amazing person for doing this. He truly renews my faith in man-kind as in this world today there are so many people who believe they are entitled to have “things” regardless of how they get it and in this case it was by entering into a person’s dwelling uninvited and stealing from them. Your husband has a wonderful soul and he has definitely earned a bunch of “good deed” feathers in those wings of his. G-d Bless him and….Go Navy!!! (I just love their uniforms!!! LOL!)

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