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Knitcrate September 2014 Reveal

What will it be?
What will it be?

Are you ready to see what I got?

Knitcrate has come through yet again with the goodies they have sent.


The Fun Extra


The fun extra is the Sock Box by Chicken Boots. ($18 value)

These project bags actually come in two sizes (as you can see from the picture from Chicken Boots above.) I received the smaller of the two which is the sock box. According to the Chicken Boots website:

The Sock Box size (not just for socks) holds three cakes or skeins of yarn, or two skeins and your project in progress. Our vinyl is supple, heavy gauge, never dries or cracks, non-glare, and needles and scissors will not poke through. It’s a great quality vinyl we worked hard to find.


The vinyl is super soft, it really is heavy gauge as stated. I’ve had other project bags (who will remain nameless) that included a vinyl portion and it was crinkly and not soft at all, so I appreciate how soft this bag is.

Chicken Boots (love that name) also has included a promo for a free stitch marker pouch with orders on their website.


The Sweet Extra

All Natural Gum
All Natural Gum

Our (I say our, because my daughter confiscated one of my pieces) sweet extra this month was a duo (she is also learning Latin this year in school and duo is two in Latin and she wanted me to put that in there) of Tree Hugger gum. ($1 value)

The gum is Vegan, Non-GMO, NO Corn Syrup, Nut Free, Dairy Free, and Kosher Parve. But who cares about all that if it’s not delicious.

So was it?

I was worried it would be a hard gumball like all the other artificially flavored versions already out there, but this gum was super soft and the flavor was fantastic. I couldn’t quite place the flavor but my daughter said it tasted like a sweet banana. There was no weird after taste, and the flavor lasted much longer than it’s fake counterpart.

Plus Tree Hugger gave a 10% off promo code when you purchase the gum through their website.


Promo Codes and Free Pattern

Yarn Girl Typing Gloves
Yarn Girl Typing Gloves


The Free pattern this month are the Yarn Girl Typing Gloves by Keelia Carver ($6 value)

These are a cute knit cabled finger less gloves pattern by Keelia.

The other promo codes include:


The Yarn

I received some beautiful Imperial Yarn in two colors. ($50 value)

This is the “Anna” line and is 70% wool and 30% cotton (which might be the strand that is wrapped around the colored part of the yarn.) It contains 140 yards per hank and is just as soft as the last Imperial Yarn I got. I already have a project I’m working on with the last three hanks I received and I think I know what I will do with these as well. Stay tuned to find out.

Did you get a Knitcrate this month? Let me know which one and how you liked it. If you are thinking about trying it if you follow any of my Knitcrate links on the post you will get 10% off your first one.

See some more of what I got this month in this short video.


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