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Yarnbox September 2014 Reveal

Yarnbox is here!
Yarnbox is here!

Yarnbox September 2014 has arrived. See what I got after the jump. (It’s okay to peek if you haven’t gotten yours yet.)

 Designer Trading Cards

Knit Pattern
Knit Pattern
Crochet Pattern.
Crochet Pattern.

Our free knit pattern this month is Simplex by Taiga Hilliard. ($6.50 value) She is also offering $1 off a pattern in her Ravelry shop. She has a ton of knit patterns to choose from. Her shawls are especially beautiful.

Our crochet free pattern this month is Lessons in Geometry by Kat Goldin. (2 GBP value – about $3.50 USD) She also is giving 25% off your total purchase in her Rav shop. She is a crochet and knit designer so she has quite a few patterns to choose from. Some very cool tapestry stuff to check out.

The Yarn

Cute... so cute.
Cute… so cute.

The yarn this month is by a fun named company.

Delicious Yarn has sent us three hanks of yarn. Two from their “Sweets” line in Green Tea and one from their “Frosting” line in Blueberry. ($75.85 value)

The yarn is a 100% superwash merino and comes with a whopping 310 yards per hank. One thing I love about this company is their yarn tags.

Looks like a food label.
Looks like a food label.

How cute is this? With the calories and % daily value totals. I am interested to see how the “sweets” yarn will work up in crochet with its accent of blue running in one spot. You can see more of the yarn in the video below.

Did you get a yarnbox this month? How did you like it? Did you get the same colors? Let us know below.


  • cheezhead76

    I wanted to thank you for telling us about KnitCrate. I just got my first one in the mail (the September indie). And I love it. The yarn was from a hundred Ravens, the gift a knit kit with everything I could ever need and the treehugger gum. I love it. :-). I am also getting the minus add in and starting the beekeepers quilt. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and creativity. You are such a blessing. Lisa.

  • Mary Monk

    Thanks for showing your yarn box. I have “discovered” through you and really love the site. I am allergic to wool and cannot use it, but I love to see all the colors and hear about the companies. I watch you on Roku regularly, nearly every day. I am left-handed, so your show is such a blessing to me. I have trouble with right handed directions in pictures and videos.
    Thanks so much.

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