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Chroma Color Reveal ~ Sandpiper

Nice and subtle colors.
Nice and subtle colors.

Here is the next of the new Knit Picks Chroma color reveal.

This color is called Sandpiper and like some of the new Chroma, it seems that the colors are randomized rather than continuous or mirrored.

The colors are very beautiful in person, it reminds you of an overcast day at the beach, everything muted and slightly dark.

I chose the Sandpiper to remake my Textable Gloves. I wanted something more winter colored instead of bright and I love how they turned out.

Just like the other patterns I have revealed in the new colors, this will be up on Knit Picks website in the coming future, but you don’t have to wait if you like the look. You can purchase the pattern here, and the yarn here.

One Comment

  • Carla Lynn Johnson

    The gloves are FABULOUS and the yarn is exactly the colors that I’m looking for!!!
    This is a definate “keeper” the pattern as well as the yarn!
    The prices for all are fantastic as well!πŸ‘πŸ‘

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