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Haven For Hands Crochet Hook Set ~ Perfect Gift For Yourself Or Other Loved Crocheters

All These Hooks Plus Extra Goodies
All These Hooks Plus Extra Goodies

I was given this new crochet hook set by the generous people at Haven For Hands to try out and share my thoughts.

All this and a bag... no chips included - (90's refernce, look it up)
All this and a bag… no chips included – (90’s refernce, look it up)

Not only does it include 9 hooks ranging from 2mm to 6mm, but you also get the sturdy canvas bag and extras shown above: folding scissors, locking stitch markers and a retractable tape measure.

That’s not the best part though!

What’s even better is the price. It is about 2 to 4 times lessΒ than the popular Clover Amour Set.

They must be cheaply made then, right?

No! There is no discernible difference that I could tell while crocheting with the Haven for Hands set. The handles have the same ergonomic rubberized grips. The aluminum shaft and hook are well made with no burrs or pieces where the yarn might catch. They are all around fantastic.

If you’ve been wanting the Clover Amour, but didn’t want to spend that much on a set, this set is perfect. Even better I think because you get all the extras and the super cute case.

See more of the set and a side by side comparison of the Clover Amour in the video I made below.

Or go buy a set right now!

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