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Motif of the Month and 4th Month Knitcrate Newbies

I’ve been busy this past month remodeling our kitchen, pantry and laundry room (still not done). So, though I did upload the motif of the month yesterday (which was the last day of April), I only had time today to put out a post today. So here is the “April” motif:


This is the Traveling Square Motif and it’s made with super bulky yarn. I used a smaller hook to make it very dense and warm. You can use a larger hook to give more drape to the square.

Click here to download the free pattern and watch the accompanying tutorial.

Lefties click here.

Knitcrate Newbies 4

I also got my latest Knitcrate Newbies and made the project (twice). Check out the video below to see what I got and how I did making the project.


  • Rae-Ann Hopper

    Hi Deja,
    After watching your videos I took the plunge and ordered my first KnitCrate Newbies. I have been trying to learn to knit for a very long time, and you inspired me to try again and I cannot wait! However, I forgot to use the promo code. Do you get a special credit when that is used? If so, I will try to contact the co. and see if it can be fixed. I did notify them that I learned about them through your website, but I am not sure that counts. Love your stuff. Just bought your slipper pattern from amazon. Starting them today!

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