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Newbie Newsday: What Is Pattern Errata?

Tuesdays are the day for tips, tricks, and sometimes just fun. Read on for your first Newbie Newsday.

Pattern Errata:

list of errors and their corrections inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper when an error in a pattern is found. 

Why is it important?

Working from a pattern that has mistakes can be frustrating and time-consuming. Having to rip out your work when something is not working or not being able to even finish the pattern are just a couple of problems you might run into.

Usually, independent designers (such as myself) have the freedom of correcting errors as soon as they are discovered and can release an updated version. I personally also have a pattern errata page with the date the pattern has been updated so you will know if you have the latest version or not.

However, published books or magazines obviously are not able to do this. Because of this, finding out if there is pattern errata before beginning a project is a good idea.

When working from a book or magazine, go to the publisher’s website (find it on their masthead) and look for a link to pattern errata. Most if not all craft publishers will have this link. Check out your title and see if there is any errata and print it out before you begin so you don’t get frustrated with a project that is not working out correctly.

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  • Rita G

    I didn’t know that. I have been there and done that. I had bought the necessary materials for a project only to find out there was an error in the pattern. So, there I sat with lots of yarn (I was going to make Mermaid blankets for my granddaughters), money spent and no where to go (project wise.) My most costly project never began (I read about half way into a project before I begin.) Lesson learned! Thank you very much for this great tip. One I will be using before I buy my materials!

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