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Knit For Crocheters Series Day 5: The Purl Stitch

I think next to perfecting my cast on, the purl stitch gave me the most problems. I tried countless different ways to do myΒ purl. Finally, after watching a Craftsy class on Continental knitting, it clicked!

The purl is a very subjective stitch. You will see many different versions and I don’t think anyone of them is better than the other. However, I do think you will find one is better for you than all the others. I’m sharing with you my purl, but if it doesn’t click for you, DON”T GIVE UP! Watch more videos, go to your LYS, find other ones to try. I promise, one will click and you’ll be good to go after that. - Create More, Spend Less

So check mine out below, see how it works for you. Let me know in the comments if you’ve found a great purl, where you found it, so if mine doesn’t work others can check out your recommendation.

Lefties click here.

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