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Slant Stitch Washcloth

Here is the next Learn A Stitch Washcloth in the series. This washcloth combines single, half double and double crochet into an interesting texture.

Download the pattern below the video.

Left hand instructions click here.


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  • Jessica

    Thank you so much for bringing me back to crochet! I had stopped for years, so long that I had forgotten how to read a pattern. I was frustrated when I tried again. YouTube videos have helped me replace the screen on my phone and change the starter in my car. I finally decided to do a little crochet research. There are very many videos, but yours are the most enjoyable and concise. I appreciate your help! I love to crochet again! Thank you for bringing me back to hooking!

  • Joy Schuster

    TY, love this pattern because both sides are so similar they look finished. Other washcloth patterns only look good from one side. Excellent video!

  • Lisa

    I love your videos! They are the best around! I love them because you not only demonstrate, you have the knack for actually explaining both the rules of crochet and the whys – which I have never found elsewhere! I even took a class at my local college and did not learn nearly as much as I did watching your videos. You really cleared up for me where to put my hook to join at the end of a granny square round…not just this video but all the videos! THANK YOU! It’s obvious you love what you do! More videos please!!! I am crocheting with clarity now!

  • Shirley Waldo

    Thank you for all the easy to follow tutorials. Your an excellent crochet instructor!! Keep those dish cloth patterns coming!! Any nice and easy baby blanket patterns? 😊

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