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Left Hand Foundation Chain Tutorials

Learn all there is to know about foundation chains with these videos that were made with movie magic to show a left-handed perspective.

Left Hand How To Create An Even Foundation Chain

Learn to make a foundation chain and how to keep it consistent with this tutorial ...
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Left Hand Joining Your Foundation Chain In The Round

Learn how to join your foundation chain in the round with this tutorial. This is used whenever you need a ...
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Left Hand How To Fix A Twisted Foundation Chain

If you've ever had a wonky foundation chain, this tutorial will show you what causes it and how to fix ...
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Left Hand How To Work Into The Opposite Side Of The Foundation Chain

Learn how to work into the backside of the foundation chain when your pattern calls for it. This is often ...
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Left Hand How To Make A Loose And Even Foundation Chain

This tutorial will show you an easy and consistent way to make a loose chain when your pattern calls for ...
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