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Foundation Half Double Crochet (FHDC)

Learn how to make a foundation half double crochet. This technique eliminates the foundation chain and instead combines the foundation chain and the first row of half double crochet together. I show you how to make this very stretchy foundation and tips on how to remember the steps so you don’t have to keep watching the tutorial.


    • D. Goodwin

      I have the same problem. When you have done the last Fhdc the stitch has the working yarn at the bottom and leans under a little. How do you get the yarn back in position to start the next row when working flat. I sent this question in last weekend.

      • Deja Jetmir

        Sorry, I didn’t see the comment. πŸ™ The yarn will always be at the bottom of every HDC you make (whether it is in the foundation chain or a regular row. It won’t affect your next row. You will simply turn the work and CH 2 and continue on. When you make your next ST the yarn gets pulled up just as with all the HDCs. πŸ™‚

  • Kelsi Roback

    Hi. I have a question. I love your tutorials, but this one has me confused. I have watched yours and others, but NOBODY shows how to work INTO the row of fhdc. What if i don’t want to join it into a round? I want to keep it in a row. But when i get to the end of the row, the working yarn is at the bottom of the fhdc, if i yarn over to make a turning chain for the next row, it leaves a bar of yarn on the edge and ends up squishing the last stitch of the fhdc. I have searched and searched but everyone who does a tutorial for this stitch never demostrates how to work into it for a second row. If you could help me, i’d really appreciate it!

    • Deja Jetmir

      Hi there, that is a great point about working into the foundation. I think one of my free pattern workshops works into a foundation single crochet, but I don’t have a specific video. I will try to work on that. In the mean time πŸ™‚ When you finish your FHDC, look at what you have.

      You will have a your tail at one end of the foundation and your working yarn at the other. The tail will be on the bottom where your foundation chain would have been if you had made the two separate (foundation chain and one row of HDC).

      Now your working yarn will be on the opposide side and on the opposite end. This end is your HDC row, so when you turn your work, you will be working into the sttiches that are on this side of the FHDC.

      It sounds like you are turning the FHDC and then working into the foundation side of the FHDC. Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know if that helps. πŸ™‚

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