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Intarsia Crochet Tutorials

The links below will show you all the basics of Intarsia crochet. They include the difference between Intarsia crochet and all the other types of picture/pattern making crochet. It shows how to perform the required stitches as well as other useful tips and tricks.

Intarsia Tutorial #1: Basic Intarsia Tutorial

This video will walk you through the basics for intarsia crochet.Β You will learn the difference between intarsia, fair isle and ...

Intarsia Tutorial #2: Hiding Your Tails When Color Changes Jump

If you want a truly reversible fabric when working Intarsia crochet you need to know how to hide your tails ...

Half Double Crochet Intarsia Tutorial

This video shows how you will change color to work intarsia in half double crochet. It give you a short ...

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