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Foundation Single Crochet Join In The Round

Learn how to join your foundation single crochet in the round without the need for any needles. This tutorial will show you a way I came up with to crochet your foundation single crochet together.


  • Janeen

    Hi again Deja. Actually, it looks like the front is facing out after all! My apologies. I haven’t ever crocheted a foundation single crochet so it looked unfamiliar but once I started the next round, it all looks fine 😊.

  • Anna Plummer

    Fabulous! I like how you came up with joining the sc foundation chain row into a round by crocheting rather than stitching with a needle – it’s more secure, even, and looks better that way. Your tutorials have been very helpful to me since I started crocheting again after not doing it for quite a few years. I appreciate how detail oriented you are with explaining things, it makes such a huge difference. Your thoroughness and professional presentation sets you apart from every other crochet instructor. Thanks Again!

      • Janeen

        Hi Deja. Thank you so much for this video and for explaining things so clearly. I just have a question about this method of joining the foundation single crochet into a round: it seems (after joining into a round) that the back of the row is facing outward. Is that correct? Maybe that doesn’t matter. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong.

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