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Straight Seam In Half Double Crochet When Working In The Round

This tutorial will show you how to create a straight seam when you are joining your half double crochet in the round. It will also show you how to minimize the seam that will result from the various methods I suggest.


  • Regina Tinkham

    Thanks for replying. I have not been able to reach the designer, which is why I started to do research and I found your article. At least I know now that I can join in the chain two which I have been doing for the base. I think I will try your method for the body to decrease the visibility of the seam. I don’t think it matters if the seam shows for the base. Thanks so much for your guidance. Regina

  • Regina

    I am crocheting baskets. To crochet the bottom pattern says to chain two after join and hdc in same stitch. I have been joining in top of chain two so I don’t lose a stitch. Should I be counting the chain two as a hdc? I am going crazy with the pattern because of the noticeable seam and losing a stitch if I don’t join in the 1st hdc.. Also for the body it say to ch 2 and then hdc in next stitch.

    • Deja Jetmir

      Hi there, I’m not sure if that first CH 2 is counted as a stitch. Is the increase at the beginning or end of the round? If it is at the beginning then that CH 2 will count as a stitch and you will join at the CH 2. If it is not the increase and it does not count as a stitch then you will join at the HDC. HDC is kind of the worst stitch to work in the round when joining because there will always be a visible seam and it won’t be straight. I only make patterns with HDC in the round in a spiral because of this.

      I’m guessing that the CH 2 is counting as a stitch in the increases since you said on the body, that you are to CH 2, then HDC in the next ST. That says to me the designer wants the first stitch to be the CH 2.

      Is it possible to contact the designer to see if they want the CH 2 to be counted as a stitch?

  • Shannah

    I must be doing something wrong. I am trying your first method of sl st, ch 1, hdc in same stitch and I love the look. However, I’m losing a stitch on every round. I’m making sure to do my hdc in the same stitch as the join, and then joining in the first stitch of the first hdc and NOT the chain as you state in the video, but still somehow losing a stitch. Any thoughts where that might be happening?


    • Deja Jetmir

      Hi there, it could be the last ST of the round. You could be joining right over it. A good thing to try is a smaller round that you can count easily so you can see where the ST goes missing. 🙂

    • Shannah

      Thanks for responding, Deja. You’re right. It was the last stitch of the round. I figured it out not long after I posted.

      The hat turned out great. Thanks so much for the tutorial.


  • Terry Brock

    Thank you for posting this. I knew someone had addressed it before, but I could not find it and was about to reinvent the wheel for my own purposes. Given that I have the attention span of a small rodent, my beanies would still have that slant had I not watched you work this out for me! I’m going to look now, as I have seen the pattern written for, and accidentally made a sc working back and forth in the round where the seam is straight and almost hidden. Again, I had to read the pattern each time, follow the instructions and it worked out, but as I am a visual learner and no one actually “showed” me how to do I, I never quite grasped the concept. Again, thank you and consider me subscribed and a promoter of this site!

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