Fair Isle Crochet Tutorials

The links below will show you all the basics of Fair Isle crochet. They include the difference between Fair Isle crochet and all the other types of picture/pattern making crochet. It shows how to perform the required stitches as well as other useful tips and tricks.


  1. How To Change Color In Fair Isle Crochet

  2. How To Catch Your Floats In Fair Isle Crochet

  3. Clean Color Change In The Round

  4. Fair Isle Crochet Worked In Rows


9 thoughts on “Fair Isle Crochet Tutorials

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  2. Hi, I’m having trouble with the skull beanie done in fair isle. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, my stitches for the skulls are not coming out right. Can you help?


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  5. I love your tutorials Aboutaleb faire isle crochet. Thans for that. Now I am wondering the following: When I use an pattern from embroidery is every embroidery stich just one crochet stich?
    I hope you understand wat I mean.
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Annemieke Hondebrink


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