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How To Change Color In Fair Isle Crochet

This tutorial will show you how to change color when performing Fair Isle crochet. It also covers the difference between Fair Isle crochet and other types of crochet such as intarsia and tapestry.


  • Kara Son

    Thanks for all your great patterns and information! I’m really excited about fair isle crochet. I do have a general question about fair isle I thought I’d see if you could help me with. You mentioned somewhere that any stitch chart can be crocheted in the fair isle style. I’ve tried this out twice but my diagonal lines aren’t matching up. When looking at the hat as it’s being worked (upside down, right to left) the right diagonals are perfect but the left diagonals are spacey and look more slanted. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Deja Jetmir

      That’s the only problem with fair isle crochet. The slants don’t work on the left side. Because the “Vs” are vertical instead of sideways like knit (where they meet up) it creates the little space on the one side. The best way to mask it is to make the diagonal thicker. (couple of stitches wide)

  • Laura

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I tried doing this technique on a pair of fingerless mittens (the pattern used your technique and even linked up to this video) and they turned out looking so cute, but there wasn’t enough stretch in them to be able to pull them on over a hand, as the fair isle portion was in the bottom wrist portion. Even doing the fair isle loosely, it wasn’t stretch enough. Any looser and you’d have big hanging loops that would get caught by fingers when putting on. In the end, I just cross stitched the motif onto the mittens afterward.

    Any suggestions or is it just a given that Fair Isle work isn’t going to be very stretchy…In your example hats, which are adorable and I’d love to make, are they very stretchy?

    • Deja Jetmir

      Hi there, normally the fair isle is quite stretchy. The problem could be a small hook for the size yarn, or the yarn doesn’t have much stretch (like linen or cotton, it doesn’t have much give when worked up). What weight yarn and hook was recommended?

      • Laura

        It’s just a basic worsted weight acrylic yarn with a size G hook. I think I might have figured it out. I’m actually watching your Intarsia tutorial #1 where you explain that Fair Isle should only have max 2 colors in a row. The pattern that I was working off had 4 colors. The motif is a fox with brown, black and white and then the main color. Not sure how they were able to make it work, but I sure couldn’t. I think Intarsia is probably the answer. The mitten is worked in the round, so I’m just now trying to learn how to end the motif with the yarn on the left side, work around with the main color, and then pick it up contrasting yarns on the right side of the motif on the next row…I’m hoping that’s in one of your tutorials:)

      • Deja Jetmir

        Ahh, yes, four colors might do that, that’s alot of strands in the round. I think it could definitely work for intarsia. I have a video request about intarsia in the round in the queue right now, so there will be a video for it shortly. πŸ™‚

  • MaggieMayCrochet

    Thank you so much for your tutorials! I’ve been wanting to try Fair Isle Crochet ever since I came across your patterns, but was a little intimidated about learning. It looks so complex, but you have simplified the techniques in such a way that I can’t wait to start my first project!!

  • ashley

    Very informative video! I’ve been looking all over for something just like this and finally found something useful! Thank you so much!

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