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New Super Sales! $0.50 Pattern ~ One in Knit and One in Crochet

Get one (or two) of my paid patterns that are normally $3.99 for only 50 cents!

New patterns will be added regularly. Be sure to follow me so you don’t miss out on these deals.

I am constantly trying to provide my followers with special deals, discounts, and freebies to help counteract all the other rising costs we are experiencing. My newest offering is a weekly(ish) 50 cent pattern deal on popular patterns in my shops. The deal will always last for at least 7 days, but some may last a little longer. Read on to see the latest deals. Also, let me know below what pattern you would like to see next for 50 cents and I might just do it!

I’m changing it up this week. I think going forward, I will offer up both a knit and crochet pattern so if you are not bi-stitchual you have something available to you. So let’s get going on the patterns.

Entangle Knit Basket

Are you ready to declutter your life? Been watching Marie Kondo tackle messes? Then the entangle basket is a great storage option for any room in your home. Its small footprint but roomy interior will fit perfectly on bookshelves and tables to tame the stashes you want to hide.

The braided detail and handles are knit as the basket is made, so there is no extra sewing besides finishing.

Entwined Crochet Basket

The Entwined Basket is the crochet version of the Entangle above. This super sturdy basket can stand on its own and holds lots of your goodies.

The loops are also worked as you go with no sewing needed.

Suggested Materials

Both baskets use Super Bulky weight yarn. I’ve listed a couple of my favorites below.

Softee Chunky
by Bernat

Entangle Pattern

Each pattern has already been discounted to $0.50 in both my shops.

Entwined Pattern

There are no promo codes needed. Buy now before the sale ends.


Leave me a comment below on which pattern you’d like to see next on sale for 50 cents and you might just get your wish!

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