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Zen And Knit With The Feather And Fan Stitch Tutorial

The newest Zen stitch tutorial is out. Learn to make the classic and beautiful Feather and Fan knit stitch with the free pattern download and very relaxing video tutorial.

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Feather and Fan Stitch

The Feather and Fan knit stitch is a classic knit lace pattern that is used over and over again in many patterns today. It is a fairly easy stitch made with mostly knit and purl rows and just one row of increasing and decreasing to give the openwork lace you see in the picture.

Suggested Materials

Any weight yarn would work for this pattern, but make sure the yarn does not have too much texture (i.e. no boucle) or you will lose the stitch definition. See some good examples to use that I love below. The pattern will need blocking to look its best on most yarns.

The “Zen” Tutorial

I’ve started something different with some of my video tutorials. It is completely voiceless and just plays very relaxing music as it walks you through the stitches. Each stitch is worked very slowly and multiple times so you can see what needs to be done. I’m hoping this format is enjoyable and easy to follow. I plan to make more videos like this so please let me know how you like them.

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