Knit and Crochet Ever After

Joining/Seaming Tutorials

These joining techniques are perfect to put your crochet pieces together. Watch the one your pattern calls for, or watch them all and pick a favorite.

Mattress Stitch Join Tutorial

To see a written tutorial on this technique, click here. This tutorial will show you how to perform this join ...
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Whipstitch Join Tutorial

If you would like to see a written version of this tutorial you can click here to check it out ...
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Single Crochet Join Tutorial

See a written tutorial on this method here. Learn how to make this super sturdy join using single crochet stitches ...
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Slip Stitch Join Tutorial

For a written version of this tutorial, click here. This join can be used anywhere in your project, so you ...
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How To Join Triangle Motifs Into A Blanket

Learn how to single crochet and whipstitch join triangle motifs into a blanket with this video ...
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