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Misc. Tips and Tricks

These tutorials don’t fit into any specific stitch category. They are simply helpful tips and tricks for your projects.

How To Make A Center Pull Ball Of Yarn

This tutorial will show you how to make a center pull ball of yarn using only your hands (as opposed ...
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Fixing Gauge When Height Is Incorrect AKA Golden Loop Method

This tutorial will talk about something called the Golden Loop Method. It is a trick to use when your gauge ...
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How to Eliminate The Gaps From Turning Chains Tutorial

If you prefer, see a written/photo tutorial of this technique here. Ever wish you could get rid of the gap ...
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How To Fasten Off And Weave In Ends

Learn how I fasten off and weave in my ends on all my projects with this tutorial ...
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How To Read A Yarn Label Tutorial

This video is one I made before I even had a channel (hence the robotic talking); however it has some ...
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Comparison of Clover Soft Touch and Amour Crochet Hooks

This video is a mini review of the Clover Amour Crochet Hooks. It will also give a side by side ...
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How To Wind Yarn With A Swift

Thinking about purchasing a yarn swift or yarn winder? Watch this video to not only see how to work them, ...
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Crocheting With Multiple Strands Of Yarn

This tutorial shows you how to crochet when the pattern calls for working with more than one strand of yarn ...
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How To Crochet An Open Tube or Circle Tutorial

This viewer request shows how to make an open ring in crochet. This is used for bottom up beanies or ...
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What Is Gauge, Why Is It Important, And How To Get It

If you are still trying to understand gauge, what it is, why is important, why is it on a yarn ...
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3 Awesome Yarn Tips To Improve Your Knit and Crochet Projects

These three awesome yarn tips will make your next knit or crochet project awesome! Are you at a loss when ...
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  • Wendy Campana

    I am working the Trumpet Basket and having a problem with it showing exactly were I joined. Is there anyway to eliminate this? Thank you.

  • Lisa Sovitsky

    I made your owl basket with super bulky 6. lion brand hometown usa 100% acrylic in houston cream. I used a 8mm hook . I love it but it feels a little flimsy,. I only used one strand, tried the 4 strand but the yarn was not working.
    It looks ok I wonder do you think it would have been better to use 2 strands? What do you think of blocking or stiffening it?? thanks for your expertise.

    • crocheteverafter

      Hi there, for the 8mm hook I would do two strands (that is what I used for the owl basket two pattern — same yarn and hook). I would go down a hook with only one strand. To get the basket stiff you want to work your stitches like you were making an amigurumi — super tight. I think you could definitely starch the basket to get it stiffer so you wouldn’t have to frog it. I would stick it in liquid starch and then put it over a bowl to dry. 🙂

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